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A Bible study based on the ballad of Ricky Bobby

From a recent Bible Study I taught:

How does this video contrast with Matthew chapter 6? discuss


Winds of Change

While remodeling our house, my wife found an old-school cd by Russ Taff.  I put it on and relived some memories.  The song Winds of Change struck me with how much this song is about ME.  Check it out.

Well, I’ve seen my chances come and go
And come back round again
But everytime they took me by surprise

There was a day I used to want
the things I did not have
But it’s never better on the other side.

Well, I’ve never gone so far that I’ve
forgotten my way home
The best things always bring you back again
over and over

The Hands of Time
Go Round and Round
They don’t slow down when you lose your way
At evry turn
The things you learn
You wear them proud like you wear your name
And as you go
On Down that road
Don’t let the dust get in your eyes
It blows in the winds of change.
(end of chorus)

Hunger is no stranger
I’ve sat with him before
And everything I’ve done has not been good

As I’ve tried to make my stand
I’ve had to learn to fall
And maybe I’ve seen more than I should
But I’ve never gone so far that I’ve
Forgotten my way home
The best things always bring you back again
over and over

(sing chorus)

And I held on to my life
And I kept my dream alive
And the dream ain’t over
Over and over

what if the church……….

Slavery can be fun

Continuation of Luke Warm and loving it


Lukewarm and Loving It!

Frances Chan


Question your walk….. always…..

Servant Evangelism

Wrong perspectives

As the controversy about fallen ministers rages, there are brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering REAL persecution right now for their faith. As the church in America, we have no idea what real trials of faith are. We have the freedom to indulge in our selfishness and debate inane aspects of doctrine. “Are we still under the law?” “What about our freedom under Grace?” “Did God create me with this sin?” We have no idea what it means to wake up every morning and know that when we walk out of our houses we will have to make a decision to live as a witness for Christ even though it very well may mean our life. I believe our perspectives are all wrong. If we truly were seeking to love God with everything and to then pour that love out on others, we would have no time for the petty sin that so easily besets us. Think about it.