Learn the Bible in 24 hours: session 4 The Birth of the Nation

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours The Birth of the Nation

The Torah

Genesis The Book of Beginnings

Exodus The Birth of the Nation

Leviticus The Law of the Nation

Numbers The Wilderness Wanderings

Deuteronomy The Laws Reviewed

The Book of Exodus: (The “Outgoing”)

• Entire race shedding the shackles of generations-long servitude

• Migrating to a new country, emerging in a new corporate life

• They entered Egypt as a family ;they emerged from Egypt as a nation.

Three Main Subjects

The Exodus (Chapters 1- 18)

– The Plagues.

– The Passover.

– The Crossing of the Red Sea

The Law (Chapters 19-24)

– The Mosaic Covenant. The Tabernacle (Chapters 25-40)

– The Priesthood

The years of oppression

Israel’s Expansion in Egypt.

– Prospered in Goshen.

The Pharaoh “who knew not Joseph.”

– An Assyrian, not Egyptian (Acts 7:18; Isa 52:4).

(A vassal of the Hyksos?).

– Insecure due to the increase of Hebrews.

– Oppressed and enslaved them…

Hyksos may have placed the Assyrian on the throne and may have built the Great Pyramid (which is not “Egyptian”).

400 + 30 years affliction =430 years of Galatians (Gal 3:17).


• Moses stands out in the pre-Christian world.

• Born during, but delivered from, government ordained genocide.

• He took a race of slaves and molded them into a powerful nation that

altered the entire course of history.

The Burning Bush

Levitical symbolism:

– Acacia: Thorn bush of the desert

– Fire: Judgment

– Judged, not consumed: Mercy/Grace

• “I AM that I AM”:

– Jesus claim in John 8:58

Ten Plagues

“…against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment…”

• Water turned to blood Osiris, Isis, Horus, Hapimon,Tauret, Nu

• Frogs Hekt

• Lice (Sand Flies?) Geb

• Scarabs (“Swarms”) Amon-Ra

• Disease in animals Apis, Hathor, Bubastis

• Boils, Thoth, Apis, Serapis, Imhotep

• Hail, Fire Shu, Nut, Horus

• Locusts Nepri, Ermutet, Anupis, Osiris

• Darkness (that was felt) Ra, Aten, Horus, Tem, Shu

• Firstborn Pharaoh’s own dynasty


• Life: “This month shall be the beginning of months.”

• Liberty: Delivered from bondage.

• Deliverance: Covered by the blood, not nationality.

• Fellowship: Memorialized as a feast to this day.

• Prophetic: “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29 & 34).

Egypt a “Type” of the World

• Material wealth and power.

• Ruled by a despotic prince: Pharaoh = type of Satan.

• Fleshly wisdom and false religion.

• Organized on force, ambition, pleasure.

• Persecuted the people of God.

• Overthrown by Divine judgment.

Crossing the Red Sea

• Israel was cornered against the Sea;

Shekinah, as a fiery pillar, blocked the Egyptian army as the Sea

parted to allow Israel to cross;

• As the Egyptians followed, they are drowned.

• (A submerged “land bridge” has been discovered across the Strait of Tiran supporting an Arabian site of Mt. Sinai.)

Our “Exodus” in Christ

• Emancipation from Bondage

– Spiritual, not just physical

• Delivered by the shedding of blood

– His, not animal anticipatory emblems

• Universal, not national

– “Whosoever believeth on Him shall be saved” (John 3:16).



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